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Fourth Quarter 2017 - Market Update

What a year! A prosperous, boring year. There was plenty of domestic and international news and political uncertainty in 2017, but with the economy on sure footing, global markets held their noses and continued to march higher. In the US, the S&P500 returned 21.8%, with the strongest performance coming in the fourth quarter. Volatility has also remained muted as the VIX was range-bound between 10-12% for most of the year. In fixed income, despite three rate hikes, the 30-year Treasury ended the year lower, and the 10-year bond essentially flat.

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Third Quarter 2017 - Market Update

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, all major asset classes have remained steadfast in their climb higher through the summer, unfazed by geopolitics, quantitative tightening, and the wrath of Mother Nature. In the current environment of low rates and equity valuations priced to perfection, we recognize that relatively modest weakness in earnings can reverberate across business supply chains, balance sheets, and capital markets suddenly and unexpectedly.

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Second Quarter 2017 - Market Update

The second quarter continued to march in a similar vein to the first this year with muted volatility and international markets outpacing domestic markets. Highlights in the period include another 25bp increase in rates on Fed Funds, but more notably the Fed’s announcement for plans to reduce its balance sheet, likely to begin later in 2017.

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