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Second Quarter 2017 - Market Update

The second quarter continued to march in a similar vein to the first this year with muted volatility and international markets outpacing domestic markets. Highlights in the period include another 25bp increase in rates on Fed Funds, but more notably the Fed’s announcement for plans to reduce its balance sheet, likely to begin later in 2017.

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First Quarter 2017 - Market Update

The world has entered a period of greater political instability with the surprise outcomes of Brexit, the US Presidential Election and a number of heated elections across Europe in 2017. Growth prospects across the globe are therefore mixed. Nonetheless, the forecasted global GDP has been revised upward by the IMF to 3.4% for 2017. The drivers behind the revision are fiscal stimulus and policy changes in the US.

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Fourth Quarter 2016 - Market Update

The fourth quarter of 2016 was not short on news, primarily focused on the dramatics associated with the US Presidential Election. The world reacted to a surprise win by now President Trump over Hillary Clinton, OPEC made positive progress, and the ECB announced plans to continue their quantitative easing for another nine months.

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Tax Planning Tips

By Bill Lalor, CFP®, CFA - As 2016 draws to a close, it is time to check that you have taken advantage of these simple tips to reduce your tax bill.

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New Jersey Tax Update

On October 14th, Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill to raise the gasoline tax 23 cents a gallon in an effort to restore New Jersey’s depleted Transportation Trust Fund.

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Third Quarter 2016 - Market Update

After a dramatic spike in volatility in the second quarter following news of an unexpected Brexit announcement, markets largely rebounded without major interruption throughout Q3. Nevertheless, macro uncertainty remained high with the familiar refrains of divergent central bank policies, geopolitical tensions, and sluggish global growth continuing to loom large.

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