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Empowering Women Like You

We'll meet you where you are on your journey to a secure financial future.

Perhaps you're a mom of two, a widow, working professional or divorcee. Whatever your status may be, you’ve built wealth and now it’s time to put in place the planning and investment strategies to protect and grow that wealth. Tackling finances as a mid-life caregiver is no easy feat. Your family has felt confident with their finances and wealth management until now, but this new phase comes with additional questions and compounded worries about the future. Massey Quick Simon is your partner to help discover and plan how to prioritize and optimize your family financing ahead of time. 

At Massey Quick Simon, we take the time to sit down with you to determine your long and short-term goals. We'll work alongside any outside professionals of your choosing to provide your family with continued financial security to live life comfortably.

Your plan may include:

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Massey Quick Simon's Women's Network is an opportunity to connect and grow with women who also understand the challenges and struggles that wealth can create.

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We offer a variety of events and educational opportunities in the NYC metro area that include: cocktail receptions, networking luncheons with featured speakers, exercise and wellness events, online educational webinars, personal one-on-one sessions, and small group sessions.

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