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April 2019 Employee Spotlight: Brittany Capizzi and Jack Mahoney

April 2019 Employee Spotlight

Brittany Capizzi

Jack Mahoney

Brittany and Jack are both lacrosse coaches. Their passion for lacrosse comes at no surprise. Jack began playing lacrosse in the 4th grade and his love for lacrosse stayed with him throughout his high school and college careers. Brittany began playing in the 5th grade and continued throughout her high school career. Brittany then attended Rutgers University to study sports and work for their women’s lacrosse team. 

Brittany began her coaching career in 2017 with the Women’s Varsity and JV lacrosse teams at Indian Hills High School. 

Jack began his coaching career in 2017 with the Montclair Township men’s lacrosse team. This team caters to 7th graders in the Montclair public and private school districts. 

Brittany and Jack each have the pleasure of coaching alongside their coaches from their lacrosse careers. 

Brittany’s passion to coach came from her commitment and dedication to the sport. She was not ready to let go of Lacrosse and thus, decided to stay active by mentoring and coaching the young women at Indian Hills High School. She finds coaching to be very rewarding. During the 2018 season, her team ranked 2nd in state sectionals. Their current record for the 2019 season is 11-2. They plan to take home the title of winner in the state league! 

Jack’s passion to coach stemmed from the memories that he made on the field since his childhood. Lacrosse has always been a big part of his life and he wanted to pass on the same passion and experience to the next generations to come. 

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