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August 2019 Employee Spotlight: John Nichols and Vannesa Martinez

August 2019 Employee Spotlight

John Nichols

Vannesa Martinez

Congratulations are in order for John who obtained his Bachelors degree in Marketing with a minor in Economics  from Fordham University and Vannesa who obtained her Bachelors degree in Economics and Finance from Seton Hall University in May 2019.

John’s interest in marketing sparked from a web analytics course that he took during his sophomore year. John was a member of the International Business Society and the Special Olympics which is an organization that focuses on inclusion and creating a community through sports for those who may have a disability. Some of John’s best college experiences were through these two organizations. 

Vannesa knew since high school that she wanted a career within finance. Her aunt’s success as a CEO and entrepreneur has also influenced her decision to work in finance. Vanessa was a member of several different on campus organizations such as EOP (Education Opportunity Program), EOPSO, Adelante (Latin Student Org) and Financial Women’s Association in which she received an academic scholarship from. 

After an outstanding job while in our internship program, John and Vannesa were both offered full time positions. 

John and Vannesa are enjoying their new full time schedule as it allows them each to dive deeper into their roles, take on more responsibilities and challenges and learn more about their field of work.

John recently moved to Harlem, NYC and enjoys soccer, biking and taking weekly trips to Coney Island on his free time. He had the opportunity to study abroad during his sophomore semester in London, UK and traveled to cities such as Barcelona. In the near future, John plans to purse certifications in various marketing analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.

Vannesa recently purchased her first car and enjoys traveling and going the beach on her free time. In the near future, Vannesa plans to purse a higher education. 

Please join the Employee Experience Committee in congratulating Vannesa and John on graduating and obtaining their Bachelor degrees! 

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