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February 2019 Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Sullivan

February 2019 Employee Spotlight

Vanessa Sullivan

Vanessa is a two-time author. She wrote her first book “Was it Something I Said?” A Guide to Coaching Female Athletes three years ago. Vanessa identifies as an athlete first. She grew up playing sports and believes she was a coachable player, great teammate and leader on and off the court.  After her collegiate volleyball career, Vanessa took her first job as an assistant coach at Kean University. She was the only female on what was an all-male staff.  Vanessa observed that her male counterparts were not picking up on the emotions of the women on the team. She understood that athletics are as much (or more) about a person’s mental state as they are about a person’s physical state…especially for females. She began documenting her experiences. While reflecting upon them, Vanessa realized that these were important lessons to share with the world. Thus, her first book was born. 

After the success of “Was it Something I Said?” A Guide to Coaching Female Athletes, Vanessa was approached by a woman, Angela Dawes, who wanted to share her story. Vanessa agreed to put Angela’s life into words. Vanessa’s writing has evolved since picking up a pen all those years ago; this book paints a picture of a woman’s struggles and the journey to find her life’s purpose. Through hard work and dedication, her book Broken to Blessed will be hitting shelves in just a few short weeks.

Vanessa loves being able to tell stories in her own voice; stories that move people and maybe even change her readers’ perceptions. Today, Vanessa has four book ideas in the pipeline. Her talent has sparked interest from a variety of individuals. The ideas span over a wide spectrum of viewpoints and topics. Through these experiences, Vanessa has learned that everyone is struggling with something and while it may not be obvious to the naked eye, if everyone was just a little bit kinder, that would make all the difference.

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