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June 2019 Employee Spotlight: Lynese Rawlins

June 2019 Employee Spotlight

Lynese Rawlins

Lynese’s story starts with the Covenant House. Shortly after she was born, her young mother moved into the Covenant House in NYC with her and her sister. While there, her mother was working at a nursing home which sparked her interest in nursing. Her counselor helped Lynese’s mom thrive in that field, get back on her feet and take care of their family. Lynese was named after that counselor. 

Fast forward to high school, Lynese found herself wanting to give back to a place that meaningfully impacted her life. She visited the NYC location and shortly thereafter began a supplies collection at her high school and the local police department. Every year she would collect clothing, school supplies, personal care items and more to send back to the Covenant House. 

Two years ago her mom participated in the Covenant House Sleep Out. The event’s purpose, in addition to raising money, is to spread awareness of what it is like to be homeless and on the streets as a young person. Each participant receives a sleeping bag, cardboard box, pillow and snacks. The night consists of various mixers to hear stories of those impacted as well as other activities. In 2019, Lynese decided to start her own team. The event was in May at a church in Cranford, NJ. She raised over $3000 in her first year as a team leader!!! 

Lynese was recently invited to attend the annual Covenant House gala in order to introduce a speaker whose moving story is just one example of what motivates Lynese. She looks forward to giving back in the future in whatever way she can to the Covenant House and is so excited that they will be the recipient of this year’s charitable golf outing. If there is anything we can all get out of her experience, Lynese hopes that we learn that small things can make a big difference, the importance of positive vibes and that you never know what people have gone through in their past. 

Thumbnail Image Credit: Ethan Robertson

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