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May 2019 Employee Spotlight: Lorraine Salvo

May 2019 Employee Spotlight

Lorraine Salvo

Lorraine has been committed to making a difference since 2013 as a member of the finance & fundraising committees at Preschool Advantage (PSA). PSA is a local non-profit organization that was founded in 1995. Their mission is to provide tuition for eligible children of struggling families to attend their partner preschools. They serve the families of the Morris and Somerset Counties here in New Jersey. 

Lorraine’s involvement includes being able to help with fundraising as well as managing the endowment. She is a firm believer in the academic and social benefits of preschool education and feels that a quality preschool education sets the bar high for young children throughout their lives.

PSA was able to provide schooling for over 100 children in 2018. Each year they host events to raise awareness and dollars with hopes of helping more children in the future. They often bring in alumni who were children from their program to speak at engagements and help others to see the tremendous impact it has made in their lives. 

A few years ago, Lorraine and former colleague Bob Ward introduced PSA to MQS and the firm has been involved ever since. PSA was our Golf Outing Recipient in 2017. Our Women’s Network collected books to give to students in the program in new book bags for the school year. In 2018 PSA presented MQS with an award for our “dedication and commitment to the children in the community”. 

Lorraine’s commitment to PSA stemmed from her passion for education and her two children Max and Casey. She believes that everyone should be granted the opportunity of a quality education and that lack of money should not be a hindrance for a strong educational start. She is involved with  the expansion of the preschool in her hometown and is helping to create a new recreation center for pre-teens and teens. 

Fun fact: Lorraine is a repeat blood donor because she has a unique blood type that can be given to new babies and those who are immunocompromised. She encourages everyone to donate blood and help to save lives too!

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