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November Employee Spotlight: Shehtaj Bhura

Shehtaj Bhura

Shehtaj joined our firm in April 2019 as a reporting analyst on the operations team. Shehtaj is a Toronto, Canada native who moved to New Jersey a little over a year ago with her husband. Shehtaj and her husband have been married for two and a half years and recently purchased their first home in New Jersey. She attended Ryerson University located in downtown Toronto where she obtained her Bachelors of Commence majoring in Finance. 

She was a very active student leader serving as a member in several different on campus clubs. Shehtaj was a Student Ambassador where she gave campus tours to interested high school students along with being involved in the undergraduate admissions office. She was also a member of the DECA club which is an international organization with the focus areas of finance, hospitality, marking and management. Each year their team would present case studies on different topics. Shehtaj was also the Vice President of Admin for the Women in Finance club on campus.

Shehtaj can read Arabic and can fluently speak Hindi and Gujrati which are both native languages of her parents home country of India. Shehtaj has held several different government positions before transitioning into finance in the private sector. She gained experience in wealth management at her previous employer, Bridgewater Insurance and Wealth Management Inc. 

She is a big traveler and has created great memories in Dubai, India, Switzerland, Spain and Saudi Arabia where she was able to fulfill her religious obligation, the holy pilgrimage known as Hajj. She completed this spiritual journey with her husband in, August 2018. 

She is a firm believer in being kind to others and traveling as often as possible. She enjoys cooking traditional Indian dishes and loves Italian food as well! She is avid about volunteering and does it as often as possible. 

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