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Research is essential to our investment team’s proprietary investment process. We spend extensive time researching competent and qualified investment managers to build the best possible investment portfolios for your unique needs, goals and situation. Every day our investment research team evaluates new investment opportunities and performs ongoing research on investment managers that are already approved. The Investment Research Team utilizes MQS’ proprietary software (MQ CORE™) to analyze manager risk and return characteristics since inception, with a focus on volatility, correlations, drawdowns, and absolute and peer-group-relative returns. Our team will also use passive management in strategies where our research indicates active management does not have an edge. This commitment to excellence ensures that you are continually receiving top quality advice and management.

During due diligence, we seek to identify managers that demonstrate an ability to:

  • Control three key risks—drawdown, volatility and correlation to various asset classes
  • Deliver strong consistent risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle
  • Offer alpha above and beyond their benchmark
  • Possess business and personal integrity
  • Employ a repeatable investment strategy
  • Have access to adequate capital and human resources